10 surprising ways To Use Vaseline

Do you know the versatile powers of Vaseline Jelly? Check out these quick tips for homemade moisturizers and treatments.


Vaseline also known as Petroleum Jelly is a common affordable and essential household product for everyone. So, chances are you have at least one jar of Vaseline within reach. 


Vaseline had proven to be a remedy for number of problems involving skin, hair, nails, make up and eyes. Below are the top 10 ways to include this versatile product in your beauty regimen.


10 Beauty Benefits of Vaseline


1.Petroleum jelly makes your perfume last longer.
Apply Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the smell last longer.


2. It can be used as an ideal highlighter for any skin tone!
Simply dab a bit of Vaseline onto your cheekbones or high points of your face for an instant glow.


3.Paint your nails neatly.
Apply a small amount of Vaseline around your nails using a cotton swab. Be careful not to apply on your nails and just smear it onto the cuticles.


4.Keeps hair dye from staining your skin.
Smear right amount of Vaseline to your ears, neck, and hairline. Be careful not to apply it on your hair.


5.It deeply moisturizes cracked heels
Massage your feet with Vaseline and wear socks to cover your feet overnight.


6.Use Vaseline as an eye makeup remover. (Perfect for sensitive skin)
Apply a small amount of Vaseline around your eyes and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.


7.Make a DIY lip or body scrub at home.
Exfoliate your lips and skin using a combination of Vaseline and brown sugar.


8.Helps boost the growth of eyelashes.
Carefully apply Vaseline on your eyelashes using a cotton swab. Vaseline provides extra moisturizing and strengthening benefits to your eyelashes thus preventing breakage.


9.Turn your loose pigment make ups into cream-based.
Into a small bowl scrape or add the makeup and combine it with the right amount of Vaseline.


10.Effectively removes the hard-to-remove stains of red lipstick.
Remove the lipstick using a clean soft cloth and apply Vaseline on your lips. Wipe it off again.

We love the healing benefits of Vaseline!  😉

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