14 Easy Hairstyles In Under 5 Minutes


A good hair day makes your day extra awesome! Most of the times especially in winter we find it difficult to get out of bed. And you will have next to no time to make yourself presentable. But these 14 hairstyles can make your bad day good. With little to no effort these hairstyles will bring freshness to your appearance and look. 


From easy buns to perfect high ponytails simply follow these fabulous tutorials to get the hairstyles that everyone admires. 


 3 Running Late Hairstyles by Luxy Hair

These easy hairstyles are perfect for when you are running late.



6 QUICK & EASY Indian Hairstyles by Knot Me Pretty

Quick and easy hairstyles you all can wear with an Anakarli, Lehenga or saree..they are really cute and easy and require no heat. no teasing or backcombing.



5 Quick & Easy Hairstyles | Heatless Hairstyles by Shruti Arjun Anand

 These are super quick and easy hairstyles that you all can wear for work,parties or hanging out with friends.