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About Us

Indian Magazines and Blogs
Indian magazines and blogs

Soyagas Fashion launched in January 2017 with the purpose of helping anyone to read all their favorite Indian Magazines and Blogs in one place (Indian Fashion Beauty Magazines | Blogs Directories). We wanted readers do this in a way that enhanced their reading experience, while at the same time sent traffic back to the Magazines and Bloggers they love.


Soyagas Fashion is a content aggregator. We do this by collecting the best topics from the popular magazines and blogs that cover a topic. We group these collections — “aggregations” — into individual web pages. Our main topics are: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, HealthShop and also our Blog.  Being one of the leading online magazines and blogs directory, our mission is to divulge our audiences ALL ABOUT EVERYTHING.


We aren’t here to turn anyone into someone else. We share the ideas, advice and reassurance for people to be themselves. Never to say that they should, only that they can.


We reach millions of people every day and explore new opportunities and dreaming up new ideas.
We always believe in the power of magazines to fulfill our purpose – to give people the confidence to live the life they want to live.


Soyagas Fashion delivers exceptional, entertaining and trusted content to our audiences in the ways that are most relevant to them, launching new titles in anticipation of audience requirements.


Confidence, you can see it a mile away


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