5 Step-By-Step MakeUp Tutorials for Absolute Beginners

5 Step-By-Step MakeUp Tutorials for Absolute Beginners

Do you consider yourself as a beginner in Makeup? If the answer is yes, we have got your back.

Putting a perfect makeup is quite an art. If correctly done makeup will do magical things, it simply transforms your face and enhances your features. If you stand in front of a mirror and wonder what goes where. Don’t worry, we have scoured Youtube to find these 5 basic tutorials.

With a few tools and some practice you can achieve the Pro-Makeup look in no time. These techniques aren’t difficult, but it’s always good to know the step-by-step from the very start. Whether you want a no-makeup makeup look or party look, these tutorials will help any beginner to learn how to do makeup correctly and perfectly.

From applying a basic eyeshadow to how to contour, these are the best Step-By-Step Makeup tutorials for beginners.

Let’s start with the basics. The first two tutorials will help you in getting the base makeup right for your routine. The good thing about these tutorials is that they used all the affordable drugstore makeup products. These also help in making the right choices to create a starter kit which is good for starter makeup.

1.Makeup Starter Kit | Makeup Essentials - Beginners by ShrutiArjunAnand

2.Simple Foundation Makeup Tutorial For Flawless Skin | Base Makeup Tutorial For Beginners by Glamrs

3.How To Pick The Right Foundation Shade | Back to Beginners by Aarushi Jain

This tutorial helps you to pick the right foundation for your skin type. She gives you tips of how to test and which type of product to buy. This ensures you to choose a perfect foundation shade.

Finally Contouring… sounds tricky but with if you follow these steps it’s actually is quite simple. If you are just into makeup and want a minimal look then these tutorials are for you. Contouring and Highlighting allow you to sculpt your face in any way you desire

4.How To Contour And Highlight Your Face - All Things Makeup by Be Beautiful

5.Tutorial | Foundation Contour & Highlight Routine by Kaushal Beauty

With some practice of using these techniques you will be a makeup guru in no time!