Nail Piercing Inspirations – The Newest Manicure Trend

Nail Piercing

Nail Piercing Inspirations


When it comes to nail trends, the sky's the limit. This manicure trend is a come back of '90s era which has surprisingly gained it's popularity again. Recently Kim Kardashian flaunted her long metallic nails with several piercings.


Unlike body piercing, nail piercing is a painless and safe procedure. It has no side effects or inflammations. Pierced nails should be strong and tough. It is recommended for fake nails, but if your nails are strong and are not brittle then it is for you.

The procedure itself is simple. A small hole is drilled through the nail plate with a special instrument and a stud is placed through it. You can do this at home, but it is wise to get it done by professional manicurist. So what are you waiting for! Scroll down to see some of the coolest iterations of the trend below.

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